Diploma in Nautical Science: Officer in Charge of the Engineering Watch

Cadets undergo an initial academic year, inclusive of four terms that forms the foundation for the Sea Service phase. The Engine programme provides the theory and practical skills necessary to ensure the safety, performance and efficiency of the vessel’s machinery.Cadets are trained to maintain the mechanical and electrical operations, develop procedures to troubleshoot problems efficiently and prepare robust maintenance schedules. In addition to the technical training, cadets are equipped with knowledge and skills in handling distress communications, fire fighting, survival techniques and first aid.

Phase 1Pre-Sea Training10 Months
Phase 2 – Placement of Cadets through a Manning AgencySea Service (Local & International berths)12 Months
Phase 3Post Sea Training9 Months
CertificationBMA Review & Examination1 Month
GraduationEmployment in the Maritime Sector