Summer Camp

LJMMA Maritime Summer Camp

The three (3) week camp is open to students who will enter Grades 8 and 9 in September. Designed to bring awareness to the Maritime field, the camp seeks to educate 8th and 9th graders to the opportunities available in the Maritime sector locally and globally. The camp will have a two-fold approach: theoretical and practical, with the aim of: 1. education and development; 2. Exposure; 3. Mentorship; 4. Controlled and stimulating atmosphere in which students feel comfortable and free to actively explore and participate in camp activities; 5. Empowerment.

Students will be required to attend Mathematics, English, Geography and General Science classes. These classes will be structured around the field of Maritime. All assignments and projects will be geared to improve the students’ knowledge on the “ins and outs” of the field. The practical aspect of this programme will seek to give students hands-on experience of what is required in a Maritime career. Students will engage in first-aid (CPR) and swimming classes along will drill times. These activities are designed to build discipline and character along with giving students the introductory practical skills needed. In addition, the programme will incorporate field trips to places like the Port Authority, the Potter’s Cay Dock and the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. Students will interact with persons already in the Maritime field and will be able to ask them questions to broaden their knowledge and interest.

There will be a closing graduation ceremony for all those that complete the three weeks of L.J.M. Maritime Summer Camp.