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The LJM Maritime Academy, the sole tertiary-level maritime training institution in The Bahamas, opened in 2014 to provide young Bahamians with quality maritime education and training at an affordable price. Its initial benefactor, Mr. Lowell J. Mortimer, for whom the Academy was named, secured the land on which the Academy sits, provided the infrastructure for the full development of the Academy, its first building and the founding equipment and supplies. In addition, the founder assisted the Academy with the first year of the operational costs.

Since then, the Academy has undertaken initiatives for funding for its other essential projects and programmes: student scholarships, construction of dormitories, administrative building and classrooms, renovation of the bridge and observatory and the maritime museum.

Shante and Trevon
Gunvor Receiving His Scholarship

Though its tuition and fees are modest, many students who wish to attend the Academy are still unable to finance their attendance. Thus, the Academy seeks scholarships and other funding to assist students.

In addition to scholarships for students, the Academy’s capital development projects will enhance the progress of the institution. Dormitory facilities and canteen will enable the Academy to provide the holistic training ground for the cadets; the refurbished bridge will ensure safety to those travelling to the Academy from New Providence; the Administration building will extend much needed classroom and laboratory spaces, as well as adequate facilities for the administrative officers; the refurbished observatory and museum facilities will provide visitors to the campus and the island of New Providence to learn more about the Bahamian maritime industry. As well, those two facilities can provide a stream of revenue to assist the ongoing maintenance and upgrade of the Academy’s facilities, equipment and resources.

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