Interested in one of the programs at the Academy, then complete the application form and submit it online, along with proof of payment of the application fee.  We will contact you once your application is received.

International Admissions

The LJM Maritime Academy presently only accepts foreign students (with legal immigration status) who reside in the country. Other foreign students who are able to obtain student immigration visas and find their accommodations may be considered.

Request Information

Enquiries regarding ‘Admissions’ may be directed to the attention of the Student Affairs Office using the following email:


Orientation sessions for incoming students are held each fall term.

Registration of Continuing Education Applicants

Individuals who are not full-time students of LJMMA may register for Professional Development and Continuing Education courses. Students may complete the application found on the website and submit online Applying to LJMMA Apply for Scholarships and Financial Aid

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