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LJM Maritime Academy is a tertiary-level educational institution at which young persons are educated and trained for professions in the maritime industry.

LJM Maritime Academy is located on Arawak Cay west, on the property formerly known as Coral Island (now called Maritime Cay).

For Bahamian citizens in the Cadet Officer’s Programme, the overall tuition and fees costs are just over $34,000. For non-Bahamian students the tuition and fees is around $42,000.For the Rating Programme, the cost for the Efficient Deckhand is $5,500.00, and for the Engine Watch Rating it is $6,500.00

Yes, Financial Aid is approved and granted based on need of the individual. Scholarships (full and partial) are available through sponsors and partners of the institution. Click here to apply for financial aid and scholarships.

Presently, no dormitory facilities are available to students. However, the long-term goal is to have an holistic campus environment where students can practice their skills as they study.

Enquiries regarding entry into LJMMA may be directed to the attention the Admissions Department at admissions@ljmma.edu.bs.

There are two full-time certification programmes offered at the Academy: the Cadet Officers Programme and the Rating programme. In addition, individuals who are not enrolled full-time may take individual continuing education / professional development courses. Click here to view the programmes we offer.

Entry requirements for the Officers Programme are Bahamian Citizenship between the ages of 17 and 35 years, four (4) BGCSEs, successful interview, performing well on a Psychomotor Skills test, being drug and alcohol free, and passing a physical training screening.

Bahamian citizens between the ages of 17 and 35 who have completed high school, are successful in passing an interview and physical training screening, a Psychomotor skills test and are drug and alcohol free.

The Cadet Officer’s Programme is three years in duration, two years of academic studies and one year of practical activities.

The Rating programme is four months in duration.

Yes, the programmes at LJM Maritime are accredited. The programmes follow the Model courses approved by the Bahamas Maritime Authority, the representative in The Bahamas for the International Maritime Organization. Further, the institution is registered with the Ministry of Education.

On successful completion of the academic and practical components of the programme, students receive a Diploma in Nautical Science or Marine Engineering. Students will have to successfully pass the certification examination set by the Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) to receive their certification as ‘Third Officers'.

On successful completion of the academic and practical training, students must acquire six months of sea time following which they may apply with their Seaman’s Book to BMA for certification as an Efficient Deckhand or Engine Rating.

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